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Management Services

At Horton Property Management we do not simply collect rents, we “Manage” properties; we know each of our properties inside and out. We offer the most extensive service plan in our area, which includes:

  • Collection of Rents
  • Pay Approved Bills (i.e. Utilities, HOA dues, etc.)
  • Upon receipt of rent, remit net funds within 48 to 72 hours or next working day via electronic payment
  • Rent proceeds can be deposited into your local account, if desired
  • Routinely process all non-payment of rent in court, and all necessary follow up – to include “collections”*
  • Conduct credit, reference, and criminal background checks for all rental applicants through a nationwide network service
  • Ascertain that tenants are covered with rental liability insurance
  • Furnish owner with monthly statements, as well as a year end statement
  • Advertising Properties for Lease / Rent with Military Housing Offices, Online Listing Services, and the Realtor “MLS” Multiple Listing Service
  • Posting of your property on our web site w/ pictures
  • Pictures of your home are taken prior to occupation and upon tenant move-out for reference purposes
  • In-depth inspections/condition reports of properties on an Annual basis
  • Comparative Pricing for maintenance work
  • Owner approval for work over $300.00
  • Credit reporting for timely and late paying rents
  • Clean up – Clean out available if required
  • Something you need not on this list? Simply ask and it can be completed as well.